Long Overdue Breakfast Posts

Sorry for the lack of updates! Here’s a couple that I totally forgot to put up from a while ago. Pajamas + yummy food = the start of an excellent day.

This is a rendition of a middle eastern egg dish – it’s made with eggs and crumbled feta cheese. Yum!

And here are some fantastically fluffy, delicious buckwheat pancakes. Strawberries and syrup are optional – these are tasty on their own.


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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Made these a while ago, but forgot to update! I think next time, I’d like to use beet juice to color the cupcakes instead of food coloring. I wonder if it’d make a big difference (other than the fact that it would be a more natural alternative).

Here, my cupcake army prepares to attack the box of confectioner’s sugar.

In case anyone’s wondering, this is my kickass new cupcake transporter! It’s from Crate and Barrel, and my cupcakes have never felt safer.

How very dependable! Oh, and you can flip over the bottom row to hold two dozen treats.

I used a cream cheese frosting, and once it had time in the fridge, it came out wonderfully thick. The white looks so gorgeous on the red cupcakes…

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Happy Halloween!

Ah, long time no post. Today is a simple bento made with a new wok pan. Chicken yakisoba, slightly spicy and warm – perfect for a cold All-Hollows’ Eve.

And of course, no Halloween is complete without some scary pumpkins! D:

What’s extra nice is that the candles inside were cookie-scented, making it a real treat to walk past these guys.

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Riceball Faces

I finally used my nori punch-out set! I’ve been putting it off because I’m not very confident in making onigiri without covering it in nori to maintain its shape. The art of preparing the “perfect” sushi rice for optimal shaping is completely lost on me.

Anyway, the final product:

Why didn’t I place the faces the right way up? Well, I had the mini compartments that fit into the bento out separately as I arranged the food (also for better cooling) and completely forgot that the big compartment for the onigiri would be portrait-style, not landscape. Eh heh. Here it is in the direction I placed it in:

For the first side dish, I made seasoned potatoes – or, gamja jorim in Korean. It’s sweet and a little spicy. Not quite as good as my grandmother makes it, but…

Side dish number two is tempura shrimp. I purposely left out a few of these guys from the time I made the shrimp cocktail for this ^^. On top is the usual Sriracha sauce.

In case those weren’t enough, I brought out the mini-bento container for the rest of the tempura. These I covered in a mayo-ketchup sauce.

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Earl Grey Tea Muffins

The recipe is from Just Bento, a fantastic bento blog with gorgeous photographs. Being a fan of tea, how could I pass this up?

I skipped the muffin tin liners and just baked them “nude” ^^

As charming as the uniform brown color is on the Just Bento version, I really like how mine have two different color tones.

Most of all, the flecks of Earl Grey tea make the muffins so appetizing.

As a finishing touch, I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top.


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1-Up Mushrooms

I woke up a little late, and without a bento plan, I had to improvise. Taking all the veggies in the fridge (baby portobellas, baby carrots, scallions) plus an egg, I made fried rice. As side dishes, I fried up pre-packaged mini meat-patties called “Don Gu Rang Teng” a Korean brand that I grew up on.

The charm point of today’s bento is the “mushrooms.”

Quail eggs, topped off with a halved cherry tomato! They remind me of the… er, “Chinese” mushrooms from Disney’s Fantasia:

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Classic Breakfast

I tried cooking bacon in an oven this morning. So much better than stovetop. Not only is it neater, you can walk away from it without worrying (I hate how you have to babysit frying foods).

Mmm, fatty American-style breakfast :9

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